Why Are Electric Cars Considered To Be An Eco-friendly Option?

Today many countries have started to replace their fossil fuel vehicles on the road with electric vehicles. The main reason behind this move is carbon emission. It is the main source of air pollution. Fossil fuel is an unsustainable resource. Electric cars on the other hand are said to be a greener option compared to fossil fuel vehicles. Invest in the best electric cars in the market and cut off your fuel cost. You may understand the differences between electric vehicles and fossil fuel vehicles from the following comparative study.

Research On Carbon Emissions

A research was conducted to compare the carbon emission rate of both conventional vehicles and electric cars. Florian Knobloch conducted this research with many classes of cars. The research results offer a global picture of the average carbon emissions. The researchers considered the carbon emissions generated of both the types of cars from its time of production until it is destroyed. The study took place considering conventional and electric cars of the year 2015 in about 59 regions. It represents nearly 95 per cent of the world’s current traffic on the road. It was found that carbon emissions were relatively low in about 53 areas with the use of electric vehicles. The areas with the high use of coal showed higher carbon emission due to electric vehicles than that of fossil fuel vehicles.

Role Of Green Power Grids

Electricity through power grids plays a vital role in the average carbon emission of electric vehicles. It is said that electric cars can be considered to be a greener alternative if the power grid releases not more than 1100 grams of carbon dioxide per kilowatt/hour.

In the past five years, there seems to be an increase in the production of electricity from renewable resources in various countries. This makes electric cars a better eco-friendly option. In the U.K the carbon emission of electricity generation dropped from 443g Co2/kWh to 215 grams of carbon dioxide per kilowatt.

Researchers expect various immense benefits of electric vehicles with green power grids. It is said that the average carbon emission from electric vehicles would decrease by 30 per cent in the year 2050. Thus electric cars are a better greener option and a no-regret choice compared to fossil fuel vehicles.

A Final Note

It is high time that we save our mother earth from the claws of high carbon emission. It is wise to switch over to electric vehicles and practice sustainable living. It is considered to be clean green energy that helps in creating a pollution-free environment. It is quite evident that electric cars are a better option to create a cleaner environment. The carbon emission rate of producing batteries of electric cars is yet to be studied. It is good that we drive less and purchase cars with small engines.

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