Everything You Need To Know About Electric Cars

The use of fossil fueled cars is about to be banned very soon. It is high time for people to switch to electric cars. This can be a wise move to reduce carbon emission. Commonly, people have certain concerns about investing in electric vehicles. There are certain factors to be considered when you are about to buy an electric car. Make sure to invest in the best electric cars available at the market for better performance. Here you would get to know about electric cars and their benefits.

Why Electric Cars Are A Greener Option?

It is said that electric vehicles do not pollute the environment like conventional vehicles. The carbon emission of battery-powered vehicles is considerably less when compared to fossil fuel vehicles. The carbon emission is much less when the vehicles are charged using a non-renewable source of power. Several research studies have been conducted to conclude electric cars to be the right eco-friendly option. The WTW Co2 average of petrol and diesel vehicles is about 188-190gm/km whereas that of electric cars is about 115gm/km. It is believed that the carbon emission rates would considerably decrease with electric cars when the battery of electric vehicles are charged using renewable energy sources. This concludes that electric cars are a greener and environment-friendly option.

Are Electric Cars Reliable and Practical?

A recent survey states that there seem to be more faults in electric cars than that of conventional cars. Top eclectic car brands are at the bottom of electric vehicle reliability. It is said that older electric vehicles suffered from breakdowns. But it is quite surprising to know that the current electric car owners are satisfied with the use of their recent model electric cars. Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf are the satisfying models of electric vehicles.

Charging the batteries of electric cars is a practical problem faced by electric car owners. The lack of accessibility to charging units makes it inconvenient for the eclectic car owners. The need for apps for using the charging points makes it impractical. Shortly, there would be access to rapid chargers with pay as you charge facilities with an increase in the use of electric cars.

Electric Cars Are Quite Expensive

We have not yet reached the sweet spot of purchasing an electric car at a lower rate compared to fossil fuel cars. The running cost of electric cars seems to be high when you do not own a charging unit at home. When using public charging units, the rates are about ten times more than using the charging unit at home.

It is high time that we replace fossil fuel cars with electric cars to create a pollution-free environment. It is worth investing in highly-priced electric cars and reducing the carbon footprint. You can very soon expect a decrease in the prices of electric cars.

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