Tips For Buying Cheap Used Police Cars

Statistics reveal that there are nearly as many as three times more individuals that prefer buying cheap used cars at auctions and dealerships as compared to buying new. Many also prefer buying cheap used police cars and one main reason for this is that police cars can last long because these are turned off very seldom for their first 100 thousand miles. Here are some tips and guidelines to follow when buying cheap used police cars:

  1. You should have a definite budget as this will be very helpful in setting your limits prior to browsing online or going to sales lots wherein it sure is easy to get impressed with special promotions on a police car model and type that is outside your “price range”.
  2. Go to a trustworthy dealership. Ask for referrals from family and friends and talk other customers. A reliable dealer will be up-front and fair in price, condition and value of its police cars as well as not pressure you in purchasing any car.
  3. You should inspect its mileage, because the mileage is an excellent “car age” indicator.
  4. Be sure to check out the police equipment in it. You may discover speakers, sirens, lights, radios, etc. Offer it first to the car dealer so he can lower the price on your police car. Or you can pull out the equipment then sell it to on-line auctions. Just be sure not to give it to the police car dealer for nothing. Used sirens today are worth around 100 to 150 dollars and siren speakers are worth around 50 to 150 dollars.
  5. Remember to examine carefully the tires. Uneven tread wearing may be an indication that the police car may require alignment or has suspension damage.
  6. It is sensible to bring along your mechanic to inspect the car’s mechanical condition. Also remember to test drive the used police car.
  7. Do inspect it for contraband. These cars transport criminals so it is possible that these individuals slip some illegal stuff unto the rear seats! Take it to your local police station, so they can inspect it for you. It is better that the police discover it, than have the police discover it at a “traffic stop”.
  8. Ask for the car’s maintenance records and check it out.
  9. Be sure that the car’s safety features are still complete.
  10. Keep in mind that most of the time, the interior light will not light up when the “driver’s door” is opened, this is because the police car is ordered like that. When the light is put on inside, the occupants in the car are easily seen.
  11. Check and carefully inspect the car’s rear door power window and lock controls. Most used police cars have deactivated rear-door locks, handles and power window controls in order to prevent criminals from escaping.
  12. You must read carefully and understand fully all the warranty terms on the police car. Ask questions should you not understand anything, because a reliable dealer will willingly answer all your questions and explain completely the warranty details. Keep in mind, the police car’s actual price is just one of the many factors determining its total price. Compare warranty costs, financing rates, processing fees and trade-in car values also. Research on the make and police car model and do compare prices and take the time to shop around before deciding on a car. Recommend : Welding ToolsWheelsWinter Products alpine

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