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When it comes to filling up used cars with gasoline, we all want to save money at the gas pump. While gas prices are moderate now, the $4 prices of 2008 scared us enough to make us very aware of getting the most for our money. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your gas tank. When to Pump The best time to pump gas is in the morning. The reason? The ground is still cold (except in the dead of St. Louis summer!). Underneath the ground are the storage tanks. When those are cool, gasoline is more dense. So you’re really getting more than a gallon. As temperatures rise, the gas expands. You can get more in your tank for less in the morning. Go Slow You may not have noticed, but the gas pump has three settings: fast, medium and slow. While you may be in a hurry and lock the pump into the fast setting, you may be losing gas through vapors.

The faster you pump, the more vapors you get. And we all know used cars don’t run on fumes! Is Your Tank Half Full or Half Empty? It’s best to fill your tank when it’s half full (or empty). The more gas and less oxygen in a tank, the less evaporation you suffer. The less evaporation of gas, the further you can drive! See a Truck? Take a Pass If you see a tanker truck filling up the underground storage, don’t buy gas. The gas underground is getting stirred up, and you may end up with dirt or debris in your tank. Don’t Top it Off Tempting though it is, after the pump stops, don’t pump to top off your tank. The gas you pump after this stays in the hose and gives the next person a bonus of gas that you paid for and didn’t get!

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