Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Car Batteries

Hybrid cars were popular in the last decade. There are a lot of recent hybrid car models hitting the market. Hybrid cars cannot run without a storage system. They rely on a hybrid car battery. Hybrid car batteries are quite different from conventional car batteries. It is impossible to run a hybrid car with a hybrid car battery. The battery life of hybrid cars is a matter of concern for hybrid car buyers. Hybrid car owners have several doubts about the working of hybrid car batteries. Many are hesitant about buying hybrid cars due to hidden battery issues. The following gives a detailed overview of hybrid car batteries.

The lifetime of a Hybrid Car Battery

Just like other batteries, hybrid car batteries have a specific lifetime. It may last for nearly 8 to 10 years. Usually, a hybrid battery lasts for up to 100,000 miles. Most companies offer a warranty for hybrid car batteries for 8-10 years. Hybrid car batteries may last for more than 100,000 miles.

It seems that hybrid car batteries last for a long time. It may take several years to reach 100,000 miles. It may take nearly five years to reach this milestone. There are several reasons that attribute to the high lifetime of hybrid car batteries. Hybrid car batteries are charged only up to 80 per cent, and they are not completely drained. The under-taxing of hybrid car batteries eventually increases its lifetime.

Replacing a Hybrid Car Battery

A hybrid car battery usually loses its power after its life-time of 8-10 years. You may notice the sudden drop in performance of your hybrid car when you have crossed 100,000 miles. Thus you have to replace your battery for sure. Replacing a hybrid car battery is quite expensive. It may cost about $6000 to replace a battery for your hybrid cars with reputed dealers. There are local shops where you can replace hybrid car batteries for affordable rates.

It is better not to invest in a new hybrid car battery if your hybrid car is old. The battery replacement cost seems to be high, and it is better to buy a new car. Purchasing an old hybrid car is also a bad idea. You would be forced to replace the battery of the car.

Signs For Battery Replacement

Hybrid cars come with indicator lights to tell if your battery needs replacement. A decrease in the fuel economy of a hybrid car is a potential sign that your hybrid car requires battery replacement. Reduced performance of hybrid car engines is also a typical sign to consider changing your battery. Make sure to replace your battery when you notice the above signs.

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