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About Us

Cars are the passion of many people. With the effect vehicles are having on the environment coming to the foregrounds and individuals becoming more and more conscious, propane powered cars have become popular. 5pider was created to bring to individuals around the world all the knowledge related to propane vehicles and tinted vehicles. Our services are aimed to give you the latest trends, style, and technology so that you can keep up to date.  We help you realize your dreams and wishes when it comes to all things cars.

From original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to conversions propane cars, we have the down low on every type of vehicle possible. Be it medium-duty fleet vehicles or light-duty personal cars, when it comes to LPG cars we are the site that will become your go-to. Our team is dedicated to providing our users with the best knowledge and researched data about liquefied petroleum gas run cars and tinted vehicles.

We keep abreast with changes in local laws of every state so that we can provide our customers with the information they need about tinted vehicles. When you need information about the film that you want to apply on your car windows, it is 5pider that comes in handy. When you need to the efficiency of bi-fuel cars, we will give you the most accurate date. From payload capacity of propane cars to how much it costs to tint the rear window of your vehicle, we are the knowledge bank car-enthusiasts were looking for always.