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Our People

5pider was set up by a group of car lovers who wanted to try their hand at car remodeling. This hobby soon turned into a profitable business with plenty of satisfied customers working with customized cars.  We have been customizing different cars according to the requirements of customers for two decades. Most people tend to assume that car remodeling is done only on older cars. However, plenty of people are walking in with their brand new cars to change the exterior or interior to something more eye catchy.

Interestingly, 5pider has a lot of customers that belong to all age groups. It seems car remodeling interest people regardless of age or gender. Car remodeling has picked up a lot in the recent years due to the popularity of reality TV shows, where the hosts go about changing the entire car interior as well as exteriors. These kinds of shows introduced ordinary folks to the different options available to them rather than go about with a plain old boring car that looks like a thousand others on the street.

Interior Customizing

5pider specializes in customizing the interior of any car with equipment as required by the customer. If they are looking for top notch music system, our team will replace the existing system with a high end music player along with a couple of surround speakers that will enhance the music quality. The seat coverings can also be changed according to the customer’s wishes. Most people tend to opt for easy to clean upholstery that has more of a zing to it than the plain old factory made upholstery that comes with the car. We have had a few transformations where the car upholstery with faux fur for a more plush look.

Exterior Customizing

Most of our customizing work for the exterior of the cars come from different businesses or firms who want to advertise their firm on the street. We have come up with innovative designs that help them market their brand and look good at the same. Our recent car restoration for a firm involved designing the car to look similar to their brand mascot. This has even appeared on several social media platforms and in the local newspaper as well.

At 5pider, we are very careful to ensure that capacity of the car to function is affected by any of the restoration ideas. We also do customized paint detailing for cars. Most people like their prized vehicles to stand out in the crowd. This is usually done by having a one on one meeting with the client to find out what they are looking for. Once our creative artist has understood the client’s requirements, a few designs are put together and presented to the client. Once the selection is made the paint job is done within a few hours and the client has a car with a brand new look on their hands.

There are several custom car shops in the market. However, 5pider has been able to corner the attention of everybody due to the top notch quality work we deliver. We believe in a hundred percent customer satisfaction and work hard to meet the expectations of our clients in every way possible. If you are considering getting some work done on your precious vehicle, take a look at our online portfolio. So call us and make an appointment to talk to our team today!